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Mind Trainer, Coach

Human mind has been a subject of great curiosity for all of us. Prof. William James of Harvard University once said that the most successful people on this planet have used only 1 to 10% of the powers of their mind. The biggest reason for this is ignorance about mind powers. No college or school teach us anything about it. Do you know you can achieve all your dreams with the help of your sub-conscious mind? If you train your mind to create positive thoughts and learn how to communicate with your sub-conscious mind, you can do wonders in your life and create history in the field of your expertise.

I have learned and used many techniques of mind power to achieve so many goals and dreams. I am born and brought up in Jalandhar Punjab (India) and I completed my Masters degree in Mass Communication in Chandigarh (India). I have not only read numerous books on this subject but also got professional Mind Trainers Training from internationally acclaimed mind trainer, life coach and author Dr. Jeetendra Adhia of Ahmadabad (India).  I took charge of getting all of Dr. Adhia’s books on mind power translated and published in Punjabi language to serve Punjabi community all over the world.

I am running my successful Real Estate business in Surrey BC. I am always very passionate to help community by educating them about mind power. I am also volunteering for some social and spiritual organisations. I am fond of reading, travelling, sports and photography. I have done a number of seminars at various places in India and Canada. 

I am a Mind trainer, coach, and writer. For more than 5 years I have advised people on how to improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their lives. I’ve provided professional training on improving relationships, conflict management and related topics.”

Navtej Khela

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Navtej Khela Has been Certified by world famous Mind Trainer and writer Dr. Jeetendra Adhia in Ahmadabad (India)

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