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I educate about powers of our mind...

What is Mind ?

Mind is a source and centre of Energy in our bodies. There are two types of mind-

1. Conscious Mind

2. Sub-conscious Mind


Your sub-conscious mind is like a genie and takes orders from Alladin (Conscious mind),  This genie does not argue with Alladin and always says, “Your wish is my command”. It fulfills all desires on Alladin. We need to learn how to order the genie with in us and put it to work.

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One on One Coaching

Book me for on on one coaching to help you solve your problems or achieve your goals

Seminars & Talks

Book me for 1 hour to 3 hour Seminar to a group

One Day Workshop

Book me for one day workshop to learn all mind power techniques.

Staff/Corporate Training

Book me now for training to your staff in order to increase productivity of your company

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MInd POwer
Navtej Khela

The power of Subconscious Mind

Do you understand the powers of your mind? You can achieve anything and everything by using powers of your subconscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind is

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MInd POwer
Navtej Khela

What is Mind ?

Mind is a source and centre of Energy in our bodies. A lot people confuse mind with brain. Brain is an organ of our body,

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